Written by Nondumiso Ngcongo

Peer Educators, during peer education training in PMB







After weeks of campaigning, advertising, application process, shortlisting, interviewing and selection process.  The DUT HIV/AIDS Centre has succeeded in their search for 2017 peer educators.  This initiative needed 30 students to participate.

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Unpacking sexual gender based violence dialogue

By Nondumiso Ngcongo







The department of Higher Education in partnership with HEAIDS held its first ever Sexual Gender Based Violence dialogue.  It took place at the University of Zululand on Friday the 24th of February 2017. The KZN Universities were all present together with eight TVET colleges. This event was held in response to rising levels of gender-based violence in and around higher education institutions. A protest of the same event had occurred at Rhodes University, where the students appealed to University management to do more to protect the rights of those who had experienced sexual violence within the institution.

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Does Sexual Orientation Define Us In Society

Written By Nondumiso Ngcongo



Chiedza Mhende who plays the character of Wandile Hadebe on Generations, The legacy

The LGBTI community is one community that feels segregation from human nature around the whole world especially in our beloved African continent. In trying not to segregate this community, it came to my attention how diverse they are but they treat each other as one, in the acronym we find a Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex. Perhaps our harsh judgment comes from the fact that we don’t take time to understand and learn about this group. We always label them as one.  In this article I was in my quest of understanding the transgender community.

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Dear intelligent black woman, there’s a seat at my table

Written By Babalwa Dingindlela

For years, the black woman has been abused, objectified, belittled and ridiculed by the media, white supremacy, by other (black) woman and even more by our fellow black brothers! Over the years, this behavior has grown and carried on from generation to generation, causing us young black sisters to be unable to recognize just how powerful, beautiful, intelligent and how great we are.

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Written by: Kwalunga Lureme, PR Intern 

The HIV/AIDS Centre has been partnering with second-year biotech students in a campaign to increase awareness about HIV/AIDS. These events were held across several DUT campuses throughout the first semester. The main purpose of these activations was to partner with students in finding new and innovative ways to improve awareness among other young people. Being that we were working with upcoming professionals, students got to be aware of the different strains of HIV and also encourage safe sex for those students who are sexually active.

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